3rd Edition of Odoo Financial Accounting's #1 Best-Selling Book ​

With this “must have” Odoo accounting book for each successful Odoo Implementation team or project, you can confidently operate and configure Odoo’s ERP. Financial Accounting with Odoo has become the bible of the Open ERP accounting configuration sector, and is the most comprehensive Odoo accounting handbook for users, currently in its third edition.

With Odoo, you can handle financial accounting. ​

The book is designed in the style of a guide, and it walks you through the process of configuring and running the Odoo Accounting Module with a simple rhythm and step-by-step instructions. By giving a clear and simple way to learning and becoming acquainted with Odoo accounting setups, Financial Accounting with Odoo takes the mystery out of the important components of initial set up. The book covers everything from A to Z, starting with basic system setup and going through closing, reporting, and predictive accounting procedures.

Greg Mader, Odoo’s top DZ Consultant, wrote the book based on his experience with the Odoo software in hundreds of Open ERP accounting “rescue operations,” improvements, and company transformations. This Odoo accounting book teaches readers how to set up Odoo’s Open ERP accounting module to provide correct and full results for the first time… the first time.

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase Odoo Financial Accounting:

  • 1. Get to know Odoo 11 and everything it has to offer. The third edition of Financial Accounting with Odoo offers information on the newest version of Odoo’s new features and functionalities.
    2. Make your inventory costing procedures more accurate.
    Financial Accounting with Odoo, 3rd Edition, will provide you a comprehensive understanding of your inventory costing alternatives, including realistic examples of Average Costing, Standard Costing, FIFO, FEFO, and LIFO.
    3. Use Analytic Accounting to empower your leaders to make better strategic business decisions.
    Financial Accounting with Odoo, 3rd Edition now adds a full section on how to use Odoo’s Analytic Accounting function effectively.
  • 4. Regain control of your company’s budgeting. The third version of Financial Accounting with Odoo demonstrates how to use Odoo’s Analytic Accounting tool to manage budgets.
    5. Determine if now is the best moment to install an Odoo Open ERP solution.
    Financial Accounting with Odoo, 3rd Edition, throws new light on best practices for moving old or disjointed systems into a new and unified system.
“Using Open Source Integrators’ experienced knowledge, this book will help financial professionals understand how to best deploy Odoo.” It’s simple to follow and answers the majority of typical questions.” — Mary Im, M.D.
“For financial teams, Odoo is a fantastic tool. This book was quite useful in assisting us with our configuration and implementation. As a reviewer of this book, I’m glad to offer assistance to others as an executive sponsor and principal advisor on several system installations.” Sansone, Anthony


Financial Accounting with Odoo author, Greg Mader


For more than 25 years, Greg Mader has been a leader in real-time accounting and an industry innovation in the Open Source ERP sector. BPM/BPO, CRM, ecommerce, data integration, accounting, logistics, and end-to-end manufacturing are among his skills. He has a master’s degree in geography from South Dakota State University and a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Chicago. Greg Mader spent much of his early career working for the government, military, and commercial enterprises, installing and directing real-time enterprise technology suites, technology and integration consultancy, and database management.

Greg founded Ursa Information Systems in 2012, and after significant growth and industry convergence, he renamed the company Open Source Integrators (OSI) and created three additional divisions (USAodoo.com, HadoopIntegrators.com, and MagentoIntegrators.com) to better serve the changing and growing Open ERP industry. Open Source Integrators was the first Odoo Gold Partner in North America, as well as the Americas’ Partner of the Year. OSI focuses on leveraging Odoo ERP and other complementing Open ERP technologies to help organizations decrease risk and achieve their business goals.


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