Women in Technology

Insights from Technology Leaders at Open Source Integrators

Supporting Diversity and Growth

Women have made a significant impact on Open Source Integrators (OSI), and we are really proud of that. This viewpoint, we believe, contributes to our competitive edge and emphasizes the importance of working with us.

Marion Mader, co-owner of Audio Systems, Inc., was the first woman leader in technology I knew. She showed me how to wire transformers for the best output, shouted at me about faulty soldering joints, and bought me all the caffeinated beverages a third grader could manage in the 1970s. She worked as a purchasing manager, financial director, and business executive while self-taught in electronics. In the 1950s, she was a trailblazer in the field of work-life balance.

She arrived with four boisterous sons, whom she immediately put to work in the company, where they all blossomed into engineering and management specialists under her guidance.

“The lessons and gifts from Marion and other women who took risks, faced problems, and led their teams are firmly embedded in OSI’s values and operations.

“Their leadership and actions have inspired us to bring empowering, transformational digital solutions to businesses.” We carefully listen while also attempting to address human issues and challenges. We make a conscious effort to provide our customers with open, fair, and flexible options. We assist businesses in establishing a distinct and outstanding competitive advantage.”

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